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Lots of choice, Let's bring it together

Facing lots of choices on how to improve your business's productivity and efficiency is overwhelming. Here at Scrumble we understand the predicaments of making such big changes. We are confident with our skill set, that we can assist you with every step of the process.

We can help you refine and implement the best choices for a more efficient business. Whether it be a modernisation of administrative systems or simply streamlining existing systems we can offer the support you need.

Here at Scrumble we can bring a more sustainable and productive result to your business. With a focus on online productivity we can transform your business into a sustainable, more environementally friendly and productive unit.

What we do

Meet with you

First we meet to scope your needs. We identify your areas of concern and where efficiencies can be made. This is where ideas, likes, dislikes, and goals are disccussed.

We review your current systems and processes. Looking for any bottle-necks which slow down the system and cause frustrations for staff. Unsustainable practices will be identified and this point.

By the end of this meeting goals for what you would like to achieve in your business will be set, a time frame will be dicsussed and your expectations reviewed.

Lots of Choice

The team at Scrumble will discuss and identify solutions to achieve your goals. These may be in the form of administrative processes and may include the sourcing of software and other services.

A plan is presented to you with the different options. At this stage another meeting will be scheduled to go through each option. A time line is identified and options chosen to be implemented.

Sustainable practices will always be at the forefront of any improvement and consideration given to your plans for your company.

Let's Bring It Together

Once you have chosen the options you want implemented the team at Scrumble will assist you in all your implementation needs. This may include time at your place of business or work from remote; it may also require work outside of office hours.

Throughout the whole process notes will be taken. The notes about what processes and systems have been used and how they have been set up will be complied into a searchable and linkable document. There will be lots of amendments to this document and you will receive a copy after each addition and/or change.